Cabana's Beach Bar & Restaurant (Kololi)


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Cabana's Beach Bar & Restaurant (Kololi)

Cabana's is an all-round excellent choice for day-time and evening dining. The restaurant serves a great dish selection of Gambian and International cuisines, and offers that customers make use of the establishment's own sunbeds out front. At sundown, Cabana's is well-fit for an evening drink.

Bars & Nightlife

Nightlife is virtually non-existent in Banjul, with its daytime population leaving the city for the Kombos, where many of those who work in Banjul live. For something slightly more exhilarating, see if you can catch a traditional music and/or dance performance at one of the local hotels, or head to the Senegambia strip where something is always happening despite the country's generally rather hushed and low-key night time entertainment.